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hey i need someone to talk to i feel alone and it would be nice to talk to someone thx 

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Hi levi


So glad you came here, having felt the need to talk and trusting in that feeling.


I've found I can be in a room full of a couple of hundred people and if I can't relate to a single one of them, I'll feel alone. I think it's about finding someone to relate to that takes away the feeling of loneliness.

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Valued Contributor

Hello Levi_thegoat & welcome to the forums.

This is a place where people come to talk with others about wht's going on in their lives, especially as it relates to their mental health. Your anonymity is assured. We try our best to also be non-judgemental, welcoming everyone.

We understand it can be daunting to open up about the thoughts & feelings we may have. Making your first post was a great start - like taking a first step into a room of strangers, I suppose. So, it's okay to take your time, look around the forums, the various sections, & see what we do. When you feel more comfortable, you might like to respond to posts you've read, or return here & tell us what you'd like to talk about.



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Hello. Same boat. I’m happy to talk ! 

I'm new here but I can relate. The best thing I ever did in this life was to get a furry companion, My Dog. Sadly he has passed now, but he opened up so many chats at the dog park or just walking him. It was good chat, not deep & meaningful, just the weather, what breed he was as he was a gorgeous mixed breed. Unconditional love & if I felt uneasy he always gave me the confidence to talk to people I wouldn't usually mix with. Other dog owners became regular chats & a couple good friends.  I really miss this interaction and miss him so much. Nearly 18yrs of building me up.  Wish he was still here. 😪  if it's feasible to have a pet I Highly recommend it. Sadly I'm not in a living arrangement at the moment where a dog will fit in. I still hope for the future though.  🐶   Never had the courage on my own.  He gave me heaps. 

PS. Just a suggestion  🤗

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Hi, honestly I know how you feel. I have been feeling pretty lonely myself. I came here to see if anyone else feels like this and I'm glad I'm not alone.