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Survivor of NPD Abuse and OCD Mother

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I consider myself to be a survivor of two complicated family relationships - an abusive sister with NPD (who I'm not estranged from) and a mother with severe OCD (and likely other illnesses) who I have a complicated relationship with. As a result I have complex anxiety, occasional panic attacks and probably some anger issues. But I'm working on managing myself and making my life & other relationships healthy.

I am wondering if there are any others in a similar situation? I can't find anything about survivors of Narcissistic Personality Disorder abuse on here. I'd love to chat to others about how they cope with things like maintaining a relationship with a parent with extreme and untreated OCD? And how they cope with the fallout of having a close family member with NPD.



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Hi Marlet, welcome

Thanks for your post. I can identify with you very much in particular your mother and semi toxic sister. Maybe it's time to take control of your life more.?

I will include a list below of threads and topics you can google that might help. You only need to read the first post of each thread to get the picture.

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I hope they help.