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Hi All,

In the last couple of years I have been at my Lowest of lows and I have experienced so many life stressors in a short amount of time. I use to be a bubbly care free young woman, and now I am a adult. During my time as an adult so much has happened that my health has taking a dive. I have gained weight and lost my identity.

There are people around but there is no real support for me I believe. I want emotional support I want people to truely understand the pain the past has brought me, the way I see it they carry on with their own lives.

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Champion Alumni

Dear Natalia

It can be very sad to feel alone and uncared for. I am presuming that at least some of the people around you know how things have gone wrong for you, or at least know some of the things.

It is very difficult to understand another's pain, especially if your own life has been relatively disaster free. For example there are many people who have severe depression which no one appears to understand because they have not had that unfortunate experience. It may be others do not see your difficulties as disasters because their reactions to the same thing would be different to yours.

However this does not help you at the moment. Is your weight gain connected to your health problem? Please feel that beyondblue is a safe place to talk about your difficulties and get support from the lovely people who post here.

We do all carry our own pain as I am sure you realise. Not seeing another's pain can be because we do not recognise it, it's different tour own. That's beside the point now. We can offer you support and chat about whatever has happened if you would like to tell us. Please only disclose those things that you feel comfortable with.