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Suggestions for online Marriage/Couples Counselling

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We have tried many marriage counselling sessions, so far they havent worked. We dont have many couples counsellors in our area and the ones we do have, have very long waiting lists!! Can anyone suggest some online services which may be able to help. I am quite desperate as I am in a very bad place mentally (suicidal thoughts etc) and husband has told me the sooner i get out and find a place to rent the better. We have 4 kids and he will hold it over me and tell me to move out without the kids 😞
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Hi Becca

Sorry to hear about your home situation.

First off, let me say that your husband cannot force you to move out of the house. If he becomes violent, you can go to the local police station to talk about an intervention order. I'm not suggesting that you do that; but it is an option if things at home get out of hand. Secondly, he cannot separate you from your children.

For the short term, go to your doctor and ask for help. They will mostly likely refer you to a Psychologist where you can get some longer term help for your "thoughts".

I wish you well!

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Hi Becca_Maria

It seems like things have deteriorated since we last communicated in this forum. I can feel the distress coming through big time. Have you considered calling the Beyond Blue helpline on 1300 22 4636. Trained counsellors may be able to point you towards the correct professionals to assist.

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Champion Alumni

Hi Becca_Maria,

I'm sorry to hear that the marriage counselling sessions didn't seem to work, may I ask why it didn't work?

It can be really tricky to find a good couples counsellor as well, I find that sometimes you have to try a few to find the one that you really 'gel' with.

I hear you, unfortunately this kind of counselling is in very high demand and thus the long wait lists which can be very frustrating when you would like to get into it as soon as possible!

Betternow mentioned the Beyond Blue helpline which could be helpful for any stress or distress that you may be feeling and also point you in the right direction for professional advice. Do you think this may work for you for now?

Here for you!

Community Member

Hi Becca

Just checking to see how things are going.

Earlier you were asking about online counselling services. I found that there are a number of services that you can try. Simply google, "online counselling services", for a list of providers that may be of assistance. I must admit, I was surprised to see what was available. Some services like, lifeline, beyondblue and mensline are free - there may be others.

I hope this helps.

Thankyou, yes i have been utilising Beyondblue myself these last few days. Maybe I will call back and see if they can point me in other ways for couples counselling, thankyou 🙂

Thankyou, yes have googled and found lots, have emailed, called and left messaged with a few but no response from any including Relationships Australia, which dissapoints me as I am trying my best but seems my feelings arent validated with any of them.


Just checking in to see if you had any "joy" with online counselling?

I hope that you don't mind!

Hello Becca_Maria, if I can add to your thread, not wanting to interfere and wonder whether your session was similar to the one my ex and I had where it totally focused on me because I was self-medicating on alcohol and believed to be causing our marriage breakdown.

The session suddenly changed direction when a particular physical activity that happened to me, a few years beforehand was mentioned, that it all changed in my favour.

Can you relate to how your session was?

Best wishes.