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stupid wife

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I feel really alone with all our marriage problems! 3 Years into our marriage and one child its barely holding together, we fight over the smallest things like cleaning, moving or sort. When he gets angry he calls my stupid, whats going on in your head, i was more successful without you, you bring me down and i cant talk to you anymore. Its so often im starting to believe it now, my heart feels empty and i dont want to talk to him cause i dont want to hear it. I really try at home making sure everything is immaculate, child is under control when his home, bring him tea and food is ready daily. I put our child to bed, he watches TV, play games, see his friends and he goes to bed fine. A new day the problem is in the past, every time i feel happy the feeling like someone punching your guts comes around. im so tired
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white knight
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Hi bear, welcome

Please read, use google

Topic: the definition of abuse- beyondblue

You might need to seek counseling. Have a chat to your GP.

Tony WK

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hello Mommabear, I'm really sorry to hear about what's been going on because I'm not sure what else you could do to make your husband happy, and I'm meaning to pry but is there a problem somewhere else, sorry.
From what you have told us all he is doing is looking after himself and doesn't care about you or the child, that's certainly very unfair, perhaps you need to take your child away and go and stay with a sister or any other family member, to regain some dignity and respect.
Can I also suggest seeing your doctor and I mean this because this will be wearing you down and once this begins it can be difficult to stop so that's what we want to prevent. Geoff.

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This sounds like the relationship I am in. I wonder if it's because they want us to leave them so they can play the victim? My heart feels empty as well. Please don't feel alone.