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Struggling with fertility

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

This is a really deep issue that I have been struggling with for almost 3 years. And the struggle has been massively worse. My husband and I were trying to start a family for a year with no success. This brought us to IVF. Then I was told I had a cyst on my ovary that required surgery. Then post surgery I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I recently found out that my brother got his girlfriend pregnant. My heart sank. They both are horrible people.  They were horrible to me and my mum. They didn't come to our wedding. My husband and I had no idea what we had done to them to deserve such treatment even my mum. They called mum to tell her that they were expecting and the girlfriend could be heard in the background saying dont tell anyone. Next minute she's posted it all over her social media with a video of surprising her kid sisters with aunty and her mum with a grandma card. Even the woman that dad left my mum for got a dear stepmother you're going to be a grandma card. Mum and I got nothing. It's just simply terrible that we have been treated this way without even knowing what we have done.  I abused them both on social media for being so horrible towards mum and myself. It so upsetting that people like those two who are immature are going to have a child. Where my husband and I have a stable marriage and home for a child. It's hurtful that they have included the homewrecker woman who destroyed my family dynamic as grandma but not my mum. I really feel for my mum. How can I cope with all of this mentally knowing that she's pregnant and I'm not as well. 

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Champion Alumni

Hi positive vibe,


Im so sorry you are struggling with fertility but please don’t loose hope falling pregnant for you is still possible.


Yourself and your husband both sound very deserving of becoming parents.


Im sorry for the way your brother and his girlfriend are behaving this is a total reflection of themselves.


I understand that it’s hard sometimes to try to be happy for someone else when you feel they are undeserving.


But I believe that sometimes it’s better for our internal selves to try to forgive people for what we feel they have done wrong to us.


You can just do this for yourself not because you excuse their behaviour but because you deserve peace.


Just try to stay in your own lane, what’s meant for you won’t pass you by.


Try to put positive energy into your self and just let the negative stuff go. Put your attention on your self and your husband any outside negative attention really isn’t néeded just try to let it go and move forward.


I really hope that pregnancy for you will happen….. please don’t give up hope.. keep a strong positive foundation. ❤️🙏

Thank you for your reply. It was very nice what you wrote. It's hard when you have baby envy. I'm at the point where I break down and cry when friends get pregnant. I have to press unfollow on their Facebook because I can't deal with seeing them happy when I'm so miserable. 

That’s ok positive vibe I understand it would be so hard.


Im sorry you are feeling miserable please try to talk positively to yourself and don’t loose hope because you never know what’s around the corner ❤️🙏

Thank you. Im trying not to think about it. We have a new puppy so hes absorbing all my energy at the moment. Toilet training is so hard! 

That’s ok 😊


Ohhh how cute a new puppy 🐶 


Toilet training is always fun we taught our dog when he was a puppy by saying wee wees and then taking him out side to where he needed to wee….. and when he did we made a fuss over him.


He got really good at it when we said wee wees he knew what to do 😊


good luck