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something missing

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hi everybody, havent been on here for ages.just want to say to everyone out there who is struggling that there is always support for you.and dont b afraid to ask for help. (dont even know if i am in the rite section) .our way of life has changed and it is not going away any time soon.it has been good to hear about people that have changed there mind set and have discovered things like gardening ,growing ur own food ,taking up different interests,and discroving more about themselves. wat has happened since september last yr with the droughts then fire ,flood and now covid 19 noone could have predicted it would get to this stage. to everyone out there who has lost jobs and r struggling financally .and r worried about there future i feel for u,the retiries and the young people who had hopes and dreams.u can still have hopes and dreams ,they just may change a bit.remember to talk to people ,take up new interests, surf the net for new ideas,most of all keep ur family and friends close. i have just lost a family member (heart attack) and a lady friend of mine ( of 40 yrs) has just been diagnised with brain cancer. i dont get to see her much these days but hope to make the 5hr journey to see her soon.i feel as i havent been a every good friend over the latter yrs and idont know weather it is guilt or just sadness but i wake up crying about it.just not to sure if this is a natural thing, so keep everyone u love close, hope this helps a few people out there
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white knight
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Hi there. Welcome back

Before I Reply I do find text spelling arduous to read.

Lets picture what it was like to be born in 1900.

Poverty worldwide, the Spanish flu that killed 65 million, World War One, the Great Depression. World War Two, the Korean War, the Vietnam War ....

I understand and accept the - out of our comfort zone- distress but we really need to acknowledge How lucky we have been for several decades.

Many people have not come to grips with Covid19. They feel jailed and are under financial strain. Well better to adjust to this new world crisis than to turn a blind eye.

Your message is a good one- seek help and try to appreciate what you have in life.


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Hi something missing,

Welcome back, it’s so nice to have you here on the forums again! You've posted in the right place, looks like you've settled right back in 🙂

Thank you for your kind words, I think many people like myself find your message really comforting and uplifting to read. You’re exactly right. For a lot of us, our way of life has been completely changed and it’s been so difficult to cope with when so much of this feels out of our control. I think that self-care is often the first thing that gets sacrificed when life is busy or stressful, and your post is such an important reminder for us to be taking care of ourselves during these challenging times.

It sounds like you have been having a hard time at the moment yourself, having just lost a family member and also dealing with the diagnosis of your friend. These are two very major and emotional events, and it is completely natural to be experiencing the emotions that you are. It seems this experience has been really distressing and overwhelming for you, and I understand that it’s really impacting you even from the moment you wake up, does that sound right? It takes a lot reach out, particularly after being away from the forums for a while, and I’m sorry to hear that things have been difficult for you at the moment. If you’re comfortable in sharing, I’m wondering how are you feeling today after making this post?

Like you’ve put so nicely in your post, there is always support here. Please know that you’re not alone, we are always here for you. Once again, it’s great to have you back and please do keep checking in with us here and whenever you’re up to it.

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Champion Alumni

Hi something missing

Thanks for your wise words. They are very warming and grounded, exactly what I think we could all use on a morning like this, where we again face uncertainty and new challenges. Feel free to use this thread to check in with us, seek community and of course, give us more great advice and consolation!

Sending kindness,


Hi WK ,thanks for ur reply. its 2:45 am here lovely rain woke me, i was born in 59 and have had a great life. basically trouble free compared to many people. yep our comfort zone has been smashed,and now we all have to respond in the appropiate manner,i know it has made me appreaciate being born wen i was. i think man will ajust to the current situationand work through it but it will take a lot of determination from everyone on the planet.there r a lot of people who unfortunatly will take there frustration out on loved ones so i hope they seek help and understand that it is not there partners fault and seek help,then of course this puts some strain on others. it seems to me that no matter wat man does he always seems to run into a brick wall then has to find a way around it and sometimes it gets a bit much for some people.everyone is different and it effects people in different ways,i have gone back to listening to music a bit more than i usually do the 50s 60s 70s style.seems to b helping, have been keep tabs on the different things people r doing which makes u relize that over all humans r pretty resiliant mob , cheers ,have a great day.

Hi sisu100, thanks for ur reply. yep sometimes it impacts me from the moment i wake others times not so,although i have for as long as i can remember had a mind that will hit top gear as soon as i wake which can b most annoying at times. i felt better after the post i sent, just gotta relize it is part of life. we r all here to experience life as a human being while we r on this planet. it does help a lot just talking or txting to get ur emotions out and i think if more people did this they would find that it is not such a bad thing. got home the other day from work ( truck driving) and thought i seem to b stuck in a rut again as in go to work come home cook t shower bed wake up make lunch and do it all again. then i remind myself that other people r doing the same as me so get over it.i wonder y i am looking for something different all the time,i have always done it and to b honest it is and can b very annoying.good to b back on this site. enough about me hope u r doing ok ,have a great day

Hi Tay100s ,man has always had challenges and seems to come through ok,we r a determinded bunch wen we want to b. i have been listening to music a bit more than i usually do ,seems to take some for the stress away. i think a lot of people r diving into different hobbies ( so to speak) as it distracts them for wat is going on at the moment. this i think and hope people all over the world realize that if something small goes wrong it dosent really matter as there r more important things to worry about.people need more than ever to talk and most important to listenand of course understand,with all that is happening there is still a lot of good out there and this is wat we all need to look towards. hope u r doing ok have agreat day and keep smiling ,coffee time

Hi something missing,

Thank you for checking in, I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better after your previous post. It’s lovely to see that you’re finding comfort in music and by connecting with others in the forums. In your previous post, you mentioned that you were dealing with some grief and sadness over the loss of your family member and cancer diagnosis of your friend. How have you been coping this week?

When reading your posts, what strikes me most is your optimism. You sound like a very determined and resilient individual, with such an insightful and empathetic view on people and life. I truly admire your strength in getting on with your life, despite all your hardships. I hope you also remember that it’s okay to be feeling stuck, you don’t have to dismiss your struggles just because other people are also going through tough times. How you feel is also valid and important, and if you ever need to chat some more, please know that we are here for you. I’m hearing that you are feeling a bit stuck in routine in your life and that you’re longing for change- is that right? What would that look like for you?

I hope you also have a great day and please do feel free to update us on how you’re getting on if you feel up to it.

Hi sisu100- did alright this week thanks. had a good rain over most of the grain growing mid west region here in wa so everybody happy , happy is good. m problem is that i am always looking for change,would love to stop just for a change but in saying that i am lucky to have a job so will b staying were i am for a while.i will read a few posts of other people and will try to offer some help but i am always careful to only do that if i can relate to it or if i have been in a simarlar situation. it seems to help and i like trying to help people. have a gret day .b happy

Hi something missing,

That’s so great to hear that you’ve had a good week! Amazing that you got some rain down there, I’m sure everyone would appreciate that much needed rain for the crops!

When life gets a little repetitive, I think it’s only natural that we yearn for change- though sometimes it can be hard to figure out what that change should look like. When I feel a bit stuck, I like to set small goals for myself on things I can do that make me happy, like starting a new hobby. I hope that you are able to find and implement the changes that you are searching for.

Thank you so much for continuing to connect with and help others in the forums. I’m have no doubt your support and responses are very much appreciated. Remember if you ever need, do feel free to reach out too- we’re here to support you just as you are for others. Hope you have a wonderful day!