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Relationship affected by anxiety

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Two months ago my boyfriend said he did not want to be in relationships with me more because he had a lot of issues. At that time I just knew he had some issues with his stomach quite serious. So I said i was ok to do as what he wanted but I will wait for him until he sorted his issues out. Then last month he told me he have had anxiety and now it comes back and more serious that is why he did not want me to be in such hard time with him. After a talk we agreed to get back together because I said I wanted to be besides him to overcome this hard time. His anxiety seems getting worse as he has just had a talk to his  psychiatrust but he does not feel helpful and he also doesn't want to use the current medicines but his doctor still decides not change it. So just today he tells me he wants us just be friends now because when he thinks about the relationship it makes him stress very much. I would like to have your opinion what I should do the best for him this time? I love him don't want to leave him in this situation when his anxiety is getting worse now.

Thank you very much everyone,


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Hi XuanS

I'm sorry to hear that you are in a tough, anxious headspace right now- navigating a relationship can be challenging, especially when we are confused about where we stand and how to move forward in a way that is good for the both of you.

It seems like you have discussed the issue with him at length which is a great start- I encourage you to continue this opn, honest dialogue even if you guys become friends. Have you sought out relationship counselling? It sounds like something you could benefit from, so you can get some clarity. If nothing else, professional help may help you manage your anxiety and guide you through whatever direction the relationship take.

What do you think?