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Social Media in Relationship

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So I've been with my partner for over 3 years now, we live together and we just welcomed our first child in May. He's an amazing partner, always affectionate and always trusted him (even though I've had trust issues previously due to an ex messaging and sending pics to girls online). Anyway, yesterday I discovered he had been liking a few pics of other girls on Instagram. The pics were mostly of them half naked and not just one account. This really surprised me. Not only because my partner is always telling me how beautiful he thinks I am and genuinely is a nice guy but also because he has said before that he isn't attracted to girls that look like that. I don't believe he would go any further than liking these pictures as he was genuinely apologetic when I confronted him and said he didn't know why he did it. He has also had experience with cheating in the past (not him, his parents and also an ex) so I doubt he has any intentions of cheating but I'm just feeling like everything he has said is a lie. I'm nothing like these girls, especially now I've recently had a child. Feeling really down about how I look and just wanting some justification as to why he would do this.
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white knight
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Opinions will vary but I don't see any harm at this point.

Also he is likely telling the truth, that he enjoys pictures of half naked women but...is not attracted to them in terms of having a relationship. This is sort of normal or common in many men.

No different flicking through a playboy magazine or watching intently a girl in a bikini on TV. Such jealousy, if I can call it that, is also normal for partners but try to discount looking into it too much.

I'm a very happily married man but like to look at ladies too. It's all very natural.


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Hi Ecm94,

Welcome to the forums! I'm so glad you thought to come here and post what's been on your mind. I would echo white knight's sentiment that I do not think this at all means your husband is not attracted to you, or has lied about finding you attractive or is planning on cheating. Relationships generally benefit when both you and your parter are allowed to have private fantasy lives of some kind.

The truth is it's pretty normal adult behavior and I wouldn't read too much into it, but of course that's easier said than done. Clearly this has hurt you at a time when you are already feeling sensitive about your body, and even if your husband hasn't done anything wrong that doesn't really take the sting away. All I can offer is my assurance that this is not worrisome behavior, and that it sounds like you have a lovely family. Congratulations on your little one!