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Social interraction help

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Hi all, after a fairly rough patch I am trying to come out of my shell abit. I don't have any practical family support close by. Even though I am on medication, and have a great GP that has a genuine interest in mental health trying to help, I still find it pretty hard to interact in social activities. one of my problems is due to health/meds, quite often I get a bad tremble in my hands. happens a little when I am on my own but is very noticeable in public gatherings such as a work function. carry 2 glasses/bottles from the bar to the table it is quite easy for me to spill about half on the walk. Carrying one glass or bottle isn't too bad as I can hold it with both hands which helps minimize the tremble/shakes. Then it is the quizzical looks and funny comments from work mates etc that makes it even worse. So not only do I want to escape that particular event, it then makes me not want to attend other social events. Even when I am at a social gathering and not eating or drinking, I still have a lot of anxiety issues being around a large group of people for a while. I would like to meet other people that have their own mental/general health issues hopefully so I can relax more in a social gathering knowing that everyone else has their own social problems and isn't going to make jokes etc about my probs. I moved to a small rural town in central qld 2 years ago for work, so no existing support base of friends around either to make it easier to go out and meet people. I joined the local golf club, but because of all of the above, I tend not to eat or drink there. So this all makes it very hard to go out and meet people and make friends, so when I am at not at work I tend to stay home, draw the curtains and close out the world. Any help or advice is much appreciated 🙂
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Blue Voices Member

I have found most golf clubs are a clickey bunch unless you all ready have a friend in there your on the outer right away. Its almost impossible to make friends in there. If there is a local RSL club they are usually more friendly You can be a social member a lot of RSLs will have a golfing group a lawn boles group darts snooker heaps of social activities in there you may find some one to chat with become friends and your friend can go and collect the drinks you paying for yours and he his or your shout and his.


Hi Kanga,

Thanks for your kind words of advice above. One of the issues with a small town is that the rsl meets at the local bowls club, and I am the insurance broker for most of the clubs/pubs around the town. So it also makes it hard to meet random people, strike up a conversation and have a drink with them. Between the people, music, and noise from the pokies sending the anxiety through the roof, The embarrassment of the hand tremors and drink spilling just tops it off. And that's if I have the depression under control and have the motivation to go out.