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So sad and hurt

Community Member

Hi there,

i wanted to share my story as I am so so sad and lonely.

i was happily married with 2 children.

abiut 18 months ago I had an affair with someone younger and fell in love.

i left my wife and kids and moved in with my new partner.

we were so in love and had amazing times.

things were going well however the guilt of leaving my wife and kids was overwhelming.

about 20 weeks ago I had dinner with my x wife.

my new partner totally list it and moved out.

our relationship went from so happy to anger and became so nasty.

i ve tried for 10 weeks to apologise and ask for forgiveness.

dhe had now disappeared and I sm unable to contCt her or find her.

i have been to the doctor several times who prescribed anti depressants which I have not taken.

ive tried several counselling sessions, even ended up in hospital one night.

i drink a lot.

I have never felt so hurt and list in my life.

i cry everyday.

My x wife has been so kind and trying to help me through.

it feels like I'll never be happy again and I'm never going to see my partner again.

i live get so much but she's gone.

im finding it so hard to move firward.

i feel so hurt that I left my family to be with my new partner and now she's left me.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Dale, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to here you're so sad. Relationships can be a minefield and full of risks. I can't advise you on your relationship problems but what I can say is that you can get yourself into a better place to deal with them.

If your doctor thinks you need antidepressants, then you really should take them. They can make a world of difference, help you get through the depressive fog and sadness so you can think more clearly about what to do. And, speaking of thinking clearly, I know from experience that the drinking isn't helping mate. It's probably taking you further down. We drink to escape what's going on in our heads but it can get to a point where the booze itself becomes the problem. It did with me. I'm now five years sober, and I know I had to stop before I could even begin to address my mental health.

Keep going with the counselling if you can. This can take time, but even little steps forward, and letting things out along the way, can be very helpful.

I know it's hard mate, but now is a good time to start to look after yourself. Take charge of you, and who knows what might follow.

Very best wishes to you Dale.