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Single Dad, childcare, schools, family administration help i'm lost and don't want my kids to suffer. Advice please?

Mr K
Community Member

Hi BB, so the separation happened, I've got a new home (Rented) set up, no concerns with bills etc re that aspect but there is a massive blackhole where most people know how to arrange childcare, centerlink, medicare, etc.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do, my wife handled all this stuff and now that she's off living her single life i'm trying to pick up the pieces but don't even know what questions I need to ask.

Any and all tips, tricks and advice welcome and wanted.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
Hi Mr K,

The admin side of children can be really complex. Especially now that its basically impossible to speak to centrelink on the phone.

The first thing you need is a Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN). If you ever recieved a payment from centerlink you will have one somewhere. If not, you need to go through the account creation process.

I am pretty sure this process went digital after covid.

Then you need to link your centerlink account to your mygov account.

Everything is done via mygove these days. Childcare payments, medicare, child support etc

Good luck! And if you do need to call centerlink, do it first thing in the morning and plan for it to take 1-2 hours to get through.


Community Member
Best of luck Mr K feel for you only advice get onto your child care / schools in your area before my split ex done it all also and I know it was a struggle for her to get into something just call and make enquiries asap to know where you are standing good advice from Jess also Centrelink isn't fun but getting the kids into schools can be a problem for weeks best of luck Brad.