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sharing with family

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so not sure if this is the right place to post - but does everyone share their MH with family?
if i had a cold or was ill i would tell my parents, but i feel like i can't share with them my MH diagnosis. I am worried i have let them down, or they would say "why on earth would you have depression and anxiety". a few comments my mum has made recently make me feel that perhaps she doesnt understand how it all works - i dont even understand myself, but i feel like they would think i am attention seeking or a hypochondriac.

Do they need to know?
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Community Champion


Thanks for writing this post and asking your question.

It is true we can share a physical illness with our family and never doubt they will have support and sympathy.

However it is true that some families find it hard to understand depression or anxiety whilst other families can be supporting.

To answer your question, do they need to know, well only you can answer that.

Do you have people who understand you and will support you.?

I know some parents feel guilty if their adult child has MH issues.

Some families just need information but others may find it hard to understand.

What do you want to do.?

I honestly don't know. I feel like i should tell them, but then also i don't know why?

I would want to know if it was one of my kids. i would hope they would feel they could tell me.

but i dont know in what scenario i tell them. maybe i leave it unless it comes up organically.