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Separated from my ex partner and lost and lonely needing help.

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I have broken up with my exe partner which we was together for 5 years. I live alone by myself we come to queensland from Victoria for a new start in life we have been in queensland for about 4 years we started to lose each over. I moved into to my own place so we could try and make things better between us but it was still failing between us then she moved on with another man and I can't even talk to her know I am left alone no friends no family forgotten how to mix with over people I lock myself up at home as I am struggling with money and I don't now what to do.
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Champion Alumni

Hi Supercharge, can I welcome you first of all to the site.

It's always sad when a relationship breaks up and I'm sorry that this happened to you and wonder whether there are any other matters that need to be cleared up.

Can I just ask you this now and will reply once you can get back to us.

Best wishes.


Thank you for responding I am very lonely no family and I keep watching the door to see if she will come and see me but I know she won't as she is know with another man I also know it's best not to see her but my feelings and mind is all over the place I also have a brain aneurysm which I am struggling with everyday and because I am in queensland I have no family or friends nothing up here and all the I have no one to talk to at all