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Separated after 30 yrs of marriage and struggling to cope

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I am male, aged 62 and have now been separated for 1 year and still struggling to cope. I believed I had a very good marriage so it came as a huge surprise when my wife decided to split and start a new life doing things she wanted to do for which i would not fit in her new lifestyle. There is no new man in her life.

I am still trying to analyse my future on my own and would love to travel and explore Australia doing house sitting but i am struggling with lonliness. Making new acquaintances is a bit tough in my present state of mind and given my age it is a bit daunting. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Welcome to beyond blue forums Tiger. I don't know much about your status with employment. But have you considered joining in with The men's shed. They are in most council areas. In there they could be doing wood work, gardening, mechanics, making toys fixing toys for the local toy library/kinda, playing cards bbqs depending on the area and interests of the local members. I have moved about a little and have been involved with two of them. It's a way of meeting other men of different abilities and sometimes passing on skills to others.