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Scared I dont love him anymore but love being with him

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My boyfriend and I had a very big fight and he hurt me and now i feel weird. Is it normal to feel off after a big fight. I still want to be with him he makes me laugh, feel safe, and excepts me for me and love being with him but at the same time i still feel off. Like my feeling and somthing feels different. I'm hoping i just need adjusting back to normal. I'm scared I dont want to be with him anymore because i love being with him. But when i think of the future or marriage now it scares me. Where it didnt before.
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Dear Lost27,

After a huge fights, things always feel off. Feelings are heightened, you may have said things you didn't mean or issues that were never brought up before may have been brought up. Give yourself and him time to cool down. If the fight brought up things that worry you (with regards to the future or marriage), then talk through these things with him when you're both calm.

Every relationships has its ups and downs. Huge fights can also happen sometimes. What's important in the relationship is how both of you manage to move past the fight and resolve your issues so that you can move forward together.

Take care,

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Never dismiss your git feelings

Id be asking myself these 3 questions ???

Dose he have the qualities needed in a man to provide a stable safe environment for a young couple to further grow in self maturity and to work towards financial freedom for the individual as well as for himself and the partnership?

Dose he make you feel good about yourself and support your emotional needs more often than not? Or dose he make you doubt your worth and leave you feeling less than an enough ???

Do you see him being a positive impact on your life in general, what plusses does he bring to your relationship and life in general ???

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Hello Lost, please don't worry, although at the time it's always of great concern, but when two people who are madly in love only cherish the time when they make up because this disagreement will end up being an even more passionate makeup and as soon as you're apart from each other, half an hour later all you want to do is apologise and give one another a huge cuddle.

Conflict is an inevitable part of any relationship, especially when trying to make plans for the future, no two people can agree on everything, but in some way, it's what any relationship needs, it cleans out the cob works so you're able to understand each other.

You might vigorously reject certain choices he makes but still accept what he says, even though they don't suit you, but generally are positive decisions in this situation you need to choose.

Some settlement will be made, and remember true lovers may disagree but this doesn't mean your relationship and love for each other will disappear, it physically and emotionally can't.

The thought of marriage is a huge decision and doesn't need to be made straight away, you can live together and then find out the way he functions, take your time and give one another a cuddle, you seem to be missing him.

Best wishes.