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Sad for my little boy

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I am so sad for my little boy. I am a single parent experiencing anxiety and depression. I am compliant with medication but have very little support.

My little boy (9yo) started back at school two weeks ago. He gave his best friend, S, a hug but S told him he no longer wants to be his friend. S also told him that S’s parents hate him because they are ‘not a match’. They do have different personalities but I am so sad for my little boy. He is terribly hurt and it has broken my heart to see him experience this 💔😢

I just wanted to share really, just to chat I guess.

I hope you are all taking care of yourselves.

regards M

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Champion Alumni

Hi MT1, thanks for posting your comment and I'm also sad for your son, something like this to happen would make him feel left out just because S's parents don't think they are a match, but if their friendship is strong enough it could endure this.

I don't know anyone who is exactly like me, even my twin brother is completely different, but we still have a close relationship, it's the same with other friends, no one can be the same unless you're identical twins, and we are fraternal twins.

Just making contact with you and please come back to us.

Best wishes.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi MT1,

Thank you for your post and I'm glad that you're here.

I'm sorry to hear about what happened with S and your little boy. It sounds like it would have been devastating to hear that and so hard to take losing your best friend over a reason like that. How is your little boy holding up?

You mentioned in your post that you receive little support; is that something that you'd like to get from us, or something we can help you with?

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Valued Contributor
Oh MT1, I’m so sorry your little boy is going through this, it must be so hard for you. We all go through hardships in our lives, there is no avoiding it unfortunately, even when they are little. As a mother, I can understand that all you want to do is take that away from them. But we’be all had to go through it. It’s unfortunate, but adversity builds resilience and that is an important trait to have in life, because life will be hard at times. I think that you need to try and teach your child practical ways of dealing with it. For example, I had a friend when I was little who would walk to school with me some days and then on other days would decide not to. My mum showed me that I could walk to school on my own, that I didn’t need to be at the mercy of this friend, waiting to see if they would walk with me. And when I realized that I liked walking to school on my own, I got some of my power back. I think these are important lessons to learn. If your sons friend isn’t that nice, then he needs to cut his losses and make new friends, as hard as it is initially.

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Hi MT1

I am so sorry your son had such an upsetting experience.

Have you considered raising it with the classroom teacher to let them know what happened so they can support your son and take appropriate action in relation to the other child?

I hope your son (and you) feel better soon.