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Need advice to help my wife

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first time user. ill keep this short.

I virtually have no idea about what sort of help is out there.

my wife suffers from depression, anxiety that I know of. is unhappy with her self, and unsatisfied with her life since she can remember..

we are both 26 been together since we were about 16, we had both joint goals we built a big home ready to make a family of our own and my wife found out she is "not" able to have children naturally. that has make her feel terrible, really has messed with her head, has made her feel like everything we have worked towards is wasted and she has lost her self and what we have worked for. I love her to bits but I feel like life as we knew it could be over feel like she's after bigger and better things now not interested in our married committed life... she agrees she should talk to someone that could help her / help us both.

thank you

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hi, welcome

I duggest you ring Relationships Australia on

03 97259964

I wish you well.


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Hello australian, finding out that you're unable to have children naturally is devastating and it sounds like it has turned your wife's world upside down. It's good that she agrees that she should seek help, there will be a lot she needs to talk through, and also for the two of you to think about what lies ahead.

As you have come to post here, I'd like to concentrate on you. How are you feeling? This has been a big shake-up for you too. It sounds like you're very worried about what your wife may be thinking, and that you worry you may not be part of her future. What would you like to happen next?

I hope you might feel comfortable posting some more here to sort through what's going on in your mind.

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Hello Australian,

Thank you for posting your issue here. There are many surprises in life and this is one of them when you bond a relationship with a person. I understand it can be challenging time for you both but regardless, you have to be strong to support her. Realise that in life, we find good fortune in jobs, money, relationships but we may all lack luck in other things. Its just how the universe works around us so the sooner you realise that we cannot get it all , the quicker you will get back on your feet again. Secondly, there are many out there who are in the same boat as you. We are fortunate that you may be able to consider being foster parents to try It out or even take on adoption of other kids in need, but if you are focused on your own kids, then its something you will have to accept for some medical reason it may be. Maybe you could educate yourself in foster parenting or adoption and then discuss this with your partner, if she is open to the suggestion but if not, then learn to accept we you have in life and somethings that does not come your way. We all may dream of having somethings in life but given our circumstances, sometimes, it is just not possible so the sooner you learn to accept it, and move on, the better it will be on your health and well-being. Stay positive and keep supporting her and provide reassurance of appreciating what you both have together, love, commitment and enjoying each other every day. Be positive and be kind and patient with each other. I will you good luck!