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Replacing adult children with animals

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Hi, new to all this do here goes. I have adult children and grandies that mean the world to me, however my children can be quite critical of me and my hoarding and my habit of getting more and more pets. I have told one that at least the animals love me unconditionally and love cuddles, hugs and don't back answer .  Have been told off that I spend too much and will never own my own house .  I enjoy although have to push myself to do craft work and have the habit of wanting to run before I crawl. Funnily enough at moment I have issues with both of my knees which have crushed my hopes of work and voluntary things I am used of doing. Even driving has been an issue in the past, no real support and bedroom antics are minimal due to pain and loss of interest. At moment looking after friends chickens and another's dog to go with the three that I already have. Not yo mention my own menagerie of chickens and geese and cats. Sorry this is muddled. Too much going on in my brain. 
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Hello Posie

Welcome to the forum. I have always had a menageries until I moved to my current home. We lived on five acres and had cows, which I milked, turkeys, chickens and ducks. Also two cats and two dogs and a sheep at one time.

My youngest son befriended a turkey chick and used to walk around outside with it on his shoulder. Found my sons and a friend in the dam with the ducks and had to hose them before allowing them in the house. They stank. We also had koalas living in the tress round the property. Very noisy at night.

Dogs especially know when you need a cuddle, or in their case, a lick. I also do craft work but not much recently. Can't seem to settle to it.

It's good to meet you. I hope you will continue to write in and perhaps join in other conversations.