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Relationship issues.

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Hi again, hope you’re all well.

I’m having husband issues again. Things were going really well there for a while, but now I feel like things are starting to fall back to as they were. I still feel like I’m on eggshells all day everyday trying to look after my daughter and maintain the house but I never feel good enough and like my husband looks down on me. I try my best, but I’m still not coping mentally.

I voiced my concerns to my husband last night, telling him how stressed I am. Trying to deal with our daughter refusing to eat at meal times and not wanting to cooperate at bed time. Tonight she started acting up again, and my husband just went to bed with no offer of help and left the kitchen mess for me to clean.

When I confronted him about it, he just said that he has to work tomorrow...(like I don’t do anything).

My daughter loves her daddy, but I’m starting to wonder if I should be putting up with this anymore...any advice? Similar stories?

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Hello Manoody, your life being a mum is a full time job and helping out at home should be shared by both parents and just because your husband brings home the pay check you provide meals, do the shopping, cleaning, cooking and caring for your daughter, that's what he doesn't see and realise how much you do.

If everything is going back to how it was before, unfortunately, that can happen, so are you back to square one?

You shouldn't have to walk on egg-shells and please forgive I'll have to try and find your previous comments, unless you want to briefly mention them, this will save time, again I very sorry.

Best wishes.


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Hey manoody92 I’m not an expert but I’ve been married for 17years the only way for a marriage to work is if you guys are a team , you can’t do it all on your own & you shouldn’t have to.

My life is far from perfect some nights my youngest has burger rings for tea but my wife & I try our best most of the time

Your Daughter acting up is similar to what I’ve been through they like attention anyway they can get it good or bad even if your yelling at her to eat ,she has your attention.

We tried singing a Dora song “She did it “ & celebrating when our Daughter finished her tea

We tried you get a “special treat” (desert)if you eat everything on your plate , if not we would eat a treat in front of her

Bedtime I found if I read her a story it would snowball into reading 3 books & she would fall asleep or I would 🙂 great bonding time

get your Husband to cook dinner with you do the dishes together your a team remember

a great line in our house for a gentle prod into action is “I’m your lover not your Mother”

talk get counciling & be a team