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Really upset

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my husband called me a psycho today. Said he would book me in to get help.
I’ve been looking after his brothers kids for 9 years and I have recieved nothing but abuse. I am I’ll and get no support from him. I’m sick from auto immune and he ignores me but is more interested in his brothers kids foot. Calls the doctor n all. But says he will book my appointment first. Psycho ward.
plus he blames me all the time for what goes on in his life.
I think it’s time to tell him to go get. S…..d

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Abused, I'm sorry you are in this difficult situation.

For your husband who abuses you as well as call you abusive names should have no place to call anyone, simply because this person may be a friend of his and make an inappropriate decision.

From what you have said it seems as though you want to move away from him and believe you are making the right decision.

Can I ask if he has any idea this may happen and hope to hear back from you.

Take care.

Geoff. x