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I'm Straight, Only Bi-curious Guys Interested in Me and Not Bothered By it?

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For as long as I have lived, I've been straight and interested in women but lately I've noticed bi-curious guys are the only ones interested in me and I don't why, but I'm not bothered by it.
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Hello there

thanks for sharing I guess take it as a compliment

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I just think you aren't bigoted, where your typical hypermasculine straight men would see that as an attack on their masculinity and their sexuality, you seem secure in your masculinity enough to appreciate being admired, even if its by the same sex

I dont think it has any meaning for your own sexuality, I just think you're secure in your sexuality and a chill person


For the past few months, I joined eHarmony and Adult Match Maker and not a single woman ever expressed an interest or liking for me. This is considering that in the past, any woman or girl at school that that found out I liked them, reacted in disgust.

Two nights ago, I joined Gay Match Maker and not only have I noticed more guys have visited my page in two days than any woman has in more than two months, but just this morning a guy wrote a message to me and expressed a liking for me.

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Hello Adamc, I know how you feel because my girlfriend then turned wife, used to always say that men were always looking at me, even though I'm as straight as anything and never ever had a same sex relationship and never will.

I never played along with any of this and laughed when she wanted to tease me.

You are what you are, however, if you have joined Gay Match Maker and someone is interested in you then you need to find out whether this is possible or establish him as a friend.


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Hello. When I told my counselor about it, she commented that how nice it is to be viewed this way by a member of the same gender.

And I do have to say, my chats with this person on the site is great but one thing I detest about people who take a shine to you on these sites is that they first contact you because they like you for you but then they suggest about trying to change your look and appearance just so you appeal to others.

It's like a girl in high school was asked by someone if she liked me. She said "No" and when asked why, she replied "because he never gets in trouble."

Now, I have always been the shy, quiet type and some have found that equals being quite friendly and polite which they like. Would I go about changing who I am just to appeal to that one person who didn't like me? of course not.