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Pregnant with 2nd child and husband cheated

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I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with our second child and have just discovered that my husband has been having an online affair. It wasn’t emotional but more sexual in nature. I was lucky enough that this woman found out he is married and with another baby on the way and contacted me. My husband denied it but later admitted to it and says he will change. I never thought in a million years this would happen to us as the same thing happened between his mother and father which destroyed him. I am really stuck on what to do. I love him but I feel like the trust is gone and perhaps this wasn’t the first time this has happened. Please I need help and advice!
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Community Champion


welcome to the forum. Sorry it has taken a while to reply to you, but sometimes this happens.

Well done on making your first post. congratulations on your pregnancy.

It is sad you are dealing with so many emotions when this is anemotionable time .

This time time needs to be about you and your baby. your health and the pregnancy are your priority.

I think your husband has to show you he can be trusted by being completely open and by giving you access to his internet accounts.

Are you looking after your health ? Do you have someone to talk to?

As this has been a shock it is helpful you are keeping things as calm as possible.

I hope you and your husband can be honest with each other about your feelings, and that he can listen and understand how he has hurt you and how your health is most important.

Look after yourself