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Pregnant and unsure what to do

Community Member
I have just got pregnant from a work colleague. We are both single and both had a one night hook up with me falling pregnant. He wants me to have an abortion and i dont think i want that. So unsure abd so broken about it 😞
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Community Member

Hey Bellakarina,

Welcome to the forum!

This is a tough situation. Ultimately it's your choice as to whether you keep the baby, as it's your body. It's not this simple of course, but I just wanted to state that first. If you did have the baby, do you feel you have support from family or close friends when you're raising him/her? Being a single parent is doable, but having emotional support is best for your wellbeing, as working and raising a child by yourself could be exhausting.

Talking to a close family member about this (whoever you trust the most) could help. You could also talk to your doctor (GP) about your options and how you are feeling emotionally.

I hope you are able to make a decision that you are comfortable with.

Best wishes,


Community Member

Hey there Bellakarina,

Just thought I would check to see how you are doing?

If you need/want to chat, I been there.