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Post breakup

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I have recently left a relationship. I won’t go into the details of it. But since leaving, I feel so out of place, I packed up and left, moved 2000km away. All of future plans have just disappeared. I think because I made them all with him. Now I’m in a job where I don’t even feel like it’s for me. I’m in a new town, broke with all my animals. Plus my other animals still in the town I left because I can’t afford to move them. I just feel so so out of place and feel like I’m ticking time bomb that’s just hanging on by a thread. I had so much planned and now I can’t even plan to get past the day. Does anyone have any advice on this or has felt the same?

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Hi there op and sorry to hear the situation. How long were you together ?

Unfortunately there's a few of us here atm going though break ups and l'm sorry to hear yours is biting so much but sadly l do know how you feel , minus the animals and details of your own specific situation.

Although we were an interstate thing to but long distance we've both been coming and going to ea others 5yrs or so now. So not living together full time but a mth or two together a time me up at hers in sydney or her down at mine in vic 1200k apart with a mth or two on our own in between ea time too. So your still the main thing in ea others world at ea end even if your not there at the time your still sharing and talking and involved 24 7 and just part of it.

Well l'd only just got back from hers but we've been having problems and have broken up.

Started back at work this wk too which she's always there with me even if she's not , everything is so weird and out of whack , the house, life, routine , emotionally, everything. Her stuffs still everywhere around the house too.


Not very nice is it .