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Please help,relationship breakup due to girlfriends anxiety/depression

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Hi everyone,I need your advice..or opinion. Ok I’m 32 and gay...I was with my girlfriend (my 4th relationship) for a brief 3 months..but there was so much passion and love in that time.
She was explicit with me when we first starting dating she had depression and anxiety was medicated and saw a psychologist fortnightly.
To me I couldn’t tell...she was perfect! Then an incident happened with her family...basically her half sister never wanted anything to do with her all her life and her dad is an absolute asshole who told her since she could remember she ruined his life.
She has had anxiety since 16 and is now 25. She told me her triggers and how to help which was to hold her and tell her I loved her. But I would trigger her without even knowing and when she had an attack she got quite snappy towards me. I would get mad because she took it out on me and then walk away. Because I was in 3 abusive relationships before so I thought I was there again. Caitlin never hurt me though.
I walked out one night because she had broken up with me 5 times in 3wks but I don’t know how serous she ever was. The night I left she dumped me for good. But I was doing a tonne of research on anxiety and depression and was asking for another chance and she said no she needs to work on herself and not date.
Despite me begging for a week she still is mad at me...but then will text asking me to come over and if I can’t make it straight away she loses it!
She dumped me a week ago...should I give it time? Can people change with mental health issues? I feel terrible for not being supportive enough. What should I do?
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Hi Alove

just checking to see how you are going.

i heard from my ex a couple of times last week. He messaged me about a situation that we are in on Friday night. I pretty much told him to leave it and focus on himself. He seems to do this every 3 or so weeks about this topic. I feel like I need to get him under control when he does this. He was probably drunk. I got a bit worried so called him and text him on Saturday. Just got short responses. So back I go for No contact. I just hate feeling rejected so going to leave it in his court now. I am going overseas for a couple of weeks so that should help clear my head.