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Had a tumultuous time for the last few years. I have been through a lot - a lot meaning 4 forced hospitalisations medication and ECT treatment. Over my early 20s in and out of hospital I tried completing my degree in arts and business always working very hard doing really well. For whatever reason family issues I went to hospital. All of this has affected my work history of 6 years. I knew people at uni who are in jobs now who didn’t work very hard in uni had a lot of help in group assignments and I worked my butt off during school and uni. Sometimes things don’t always turn out as expected and things are not always fair. Sometimes I compare to these people. Anyway the situation now is I lived on my own for a year and moved back home for a few months. I find living at home really affects my motivation by virtue of living with my mum. For whatever reason it’s Affects my motivation. Having seen extended family who I felt judged me didn’t help the situation. They didn’t go through involuntary treatment. I am planning to move interstate, still experiencing neurological issues from reducing medication, and look for temp jobs interstate . That is my plan but it’s hard to do all that whilst living at home. I am ready to be on my own and live my own life. Sometimes the unemplotment can make you feel judged and unsure what to do with your time I especially feel stifled with my mum at home. But then I have to tell myself how hard my circumstances have been and I only hope other people are compassionate understanding and not judgemental when it comes to unemployment I think I have sound reason
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Hannerilana and welcome to our forums

Thank you for sharing your story. I see Nurse Jenn has given you some very good advice regarding the reduction in your medication.

Things seem very difficult for you at the moment - 4 forced hospitalisations and ECT treatment.

I'm just wondering - are you planning to move interstate as you think this may help you improve your motivation? Everyone is different, so a move might help. On the other hand it may also cause more difficulties, e.g. making new friends, finding a job, finding accommodation. All these changes can cause stress which in turn could affect one's mental health too.

To help support you, are you able to share more of your story? No pressure to do so - only if you want. For example, you talk about being forced into hospital. Is this because someone (e.g. your mum) really care about you?

Kind regards