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Partners behaviour

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Hi All I’m Tracey I live on the northern beaches with my partner and daughter

I’m getting increasingly worried snout my partner he goes out on drinking binges take drugs if they are available he has no stop button he goes out for 10 hour sessions he doesn’t think it’s a problem!he can hardly function the next day...he either drinks to excess or stops all together when he stops he is a different person

Over the last few years he has lost interest in sex he has outbursts of anger over nothing he can’t sleep at night (he usually drinks at weekends) he falls asleep at dinner time he is very controlling over money checks my phone questions everything I do our daughter has started to pick up on his moods and calls him grumpy I’m not sure if he is depressed but it’s getting worse and worse it’s breaks my heart to see him the day after a session if I question him he goes mad and turns it on me saying I’m an idiot and to leave him he calls me names during a argument and ignores me for a few days

I’m at a loss what to do I would never leave as it would break my daughters heart I think he needs some kind of help but he’s to proud to admit it he sometimes says he feels down.

any help or suggestions would be appreciated


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Champion Alumni

Hi Tracey,

It can be difficult for some people to admit they have an issue or a problem, and even harder still to try to help them to receive assistance. Unless a person wants help, they may be resistant to suggestions.

Would it be beneficial for you to have a talk to someone, either a counsellor or a support person from Beyond Blue or Life Line who may be able to offer you some advice over the phone.

It must be difficult for you and your daughter to live in an environment as you have described.

Loving someone who behaves in a way that is alarming or confusing can cause issues and concerns.

You may need to consider if there are ways you can change your situation or how long you want to continue living with this behaviour.

You may need to consider your safety and that of your daughter as well.

Everyone has the right to be safe within a relationship, to be respected and their needs considered without being controlled and victimised.

Some people are able to change their behaviours, others don't see a need to do so.

Regards from Dools

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Thanks Dools appreciate your reply