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Partner left me - too depressed to eat.

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My partner left me and I feel completely broken. We were very happy together and had an amazing, healthy and figuring relationship. We had a big fight and she broke it off and told me she had to leave because she's dealing with some stuff in her life right now. Really bad stuff. And stuff with her childhood. She said she still loves me but she doesn't know what to do anymore and that she doesn't deserve me. I begged her to stay but she left and she packed up all her stuff and went to a different state.

Im a mess I still love her and I miss her. I don't know what to do with myself now. I'm so lost and I feel sick all the time. I can't eat I can barely drink anything or shower myself. I feel awful all the time and every time I think about the future I break down. I'm so scared. Idk what to do

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Champion Alumni

Hello and welcome to the forums and thankyou for posting too!

I would and have felt exactly the same as you .....and she has gone to an another state?...That is bad news...I have been through the same last year and it hurts...big time!...

Your heart has been damaged and the pain is unbearable. If I may ask you.....do you live with anyone?...Family?.Do you have even a small support network of friend(s) that you can call/text?

I dont blame you for being scared...This may sound useless right now but there are many very kind people on the forums that have been and are going through what you are going through now.

If you need an actual voice to talk to BB have qualified and caring counsellors available 24/7 on 1300 22 4636

You are not on your own....we are here for you..Please try to keep occupied right now

My Kindest Thoughts


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Champion Alumni
hello and what you have said is never easy to cope with, just as a marriage breakdown is, and although it has given you anxiety and possibily heading towards depression, there could be a chance of her returning, but this isn't going to solve her issues, because she needs help and I only mean this in a way that she needs professional help to try and overcome these childhood problems which maybe causing her PTSD, and although I can't diagnose her myself and can only suggest at this point of time, it has all become between the two of you.
As you have said the two of you have had an amazing relationship so is it possible to text her, stay in contact with her, because may have thought that she has made a decision without thinking it through and really wants to talk to you, so please let us know if this will be able to happen. Geoff.