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Partner has anxiety and depression and keeps thinking I'm cheating: I'm not!

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This is my first time posting. My partner of 6 years has anxiety and depression. It hasn't occurred in our relationship to such a full on extent as it has in the past 12 months. He blames me solely for it. He tends to over think everything and read into things that are not there. In February he invited a mutual friend over (who is the partner of one of our friends) and accused me of cheating with him. The friend denied it because it is not true. We have never done anything at all. I have never done anything with anyone since being with my partner. My partner is convinced that he noticed "patterns" showing up on social media and believes that me and the accused friend were chatting on line and that we would both get on and off social media within seconds of each other no matter what time of the day or night. I can't explain these "patterns" but what I do know for certain is that nothing has ever happened between us. Our friendship is totally ruined with this couple over this. I am mortified. I have deleted all my social media for my partner to help ease his anxiety. Just last weekend he now believes I am "up to something" again. We went to a child's birthday party and I went outside the venue to stand in the sun as it was freezing inside, I stood at the side left tyre of my partners car and had the sun shining on my face, I stood there for about 10 minutes, My partner is adamant that he came and looked for me 3 times and I wasn't where I said I was. He believes I am lying to him. He said he can't prove anything but that he's "not a fool". I am trying so hard to be understanding as I was the first time he accused me. I am walking on egg shells all the time and feel like I am being interrogated every time I say anything. I don't know what to do? How to respond to him? Whether to defend myself or simply let him believe what he believes? He believes he's never wrong. I am mentally exhausted. I have lost weight from all this before and am not a big woman to start off. I feel that this is so unfair and that he is using me as his personal emotional punching bag and that it's my fault because I allowed him to do this to me. He makes me feel guilty all the time and I've done nothing wrong. I need advice please.
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