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Parental Issues

Community Member

Dear All,

I would really like some advice on my situation. I am 22 years old and live at home. My life is absolute hell. My parents give me absolutely no freedom to the point where I panic about even asking them if I am allowed to see a friend for coffee. I am not allowed to go out and do things a girl my age should be able to do. I feel depressed and angry all the time. I am not in a financial position to move out and have no friends or relatives I can stay with. I feel like I am going mental and am purposely isolating myself from my friends. I can't live like this any longer.

Please help me.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome guest ,

I am glad you have reached on this forum. I can see why you would feel isolated and upset at your parents.

Are you studying or do you have paid work?

Have you ever chatted to your parents, in a calm way, to find out why they don't want you to go out?

I can understand why you would feel depressed if you can not meet with friends.

Is there a reason why your parents are so protective.?

This forum is a safe place to communicate. You may find other threads helpful as well.

Take care


Hi ss, welcome

Ditto quirkys questions.

There must be an underlying reason for this restraint. Perhaps fear for some reason.

Give us more information and we'll chat more.

Tony WK

I am working part-time. I can't talk calmly with them because they are the most unreasonable people and will blow things out of proportion as usual. I could probably cope if just one of them was strict but they both gang up on me...they pretty much don't care about if I have any friends or not. They want me to just stay at home and be miserable like them.

Thank you for responding to my post. I am fairly sure the reason my mother is trying to suffocate me is because she herself is depressed and doesnt have any friends. She just stays home all the time. So she gets jealous that I have a lot of friends and want to go out all the time. There is no other reason for her to be so mean to me. My dad just supports my mum with whatever she says regarding me, which also makes me go insane because my parents are separated and they have point blank stated that they hate each other. So I don't understand why he would support her.

I am thinking about forcing my mum to see a psychologist so that she can sort out her issues. Do you think this is a good idea?


Thanks for replying. I think forcing someone to get help or to see a psychologist is not a good idea. If you can talk to your mum by saying you are worried about her and being honest with her. There maybe other reasons for your mum's emotions. Is she in good physical health ? Have you talked to a counsellor or a someone outside the family.