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not sure if this the right spot to post this so fingers crossed.

Ive been unhappy for several years. My marriage has broken down and I have no wish to repair this relationship. I have been increasingly angry the past 12 months which is affecting all parts of my life including my relationship with my two sons, 5 and 9. On top of this I fell in love with a co worker who expressed similar feelings but recently stopped all contact to persue a relationship with another man.

I feel lost and like there is no clear way forward. There are daily arguments at home and haven't slept well in years. Feels like my head is full of cotton wool. I worry constantly about the kids and don't seem to have any control over my own life. I have started seeing a counselor but only one session so far.

Not really sure why I am posting this, perhaps just to get it out of my head and into the real world.

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Hi 1Peace,

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been unhappy for a few years, dealing with relationship breakdown and worrying about your kids. It sounds like it's been a tumultous time and it's having a really difficult impact on your wellbeing. We’re glad you could share this here, it's really brave and not easy to be so open, so thank you for making that amazing move and getting your story out there. 

If you'd like to talk things through, so please don’t hesitate to give the lovely Beyond Blue counsellors a call on 1300 22 4636 or speak to them on webchat here (11am-midnight AEDT). You could also speak to Parentline, who have a number for each state listed here

You may also be able to reach out to Mensline about this, on 1300 78 99 78. Apologies if we're being presumtuous about gender here. They offer telephone and online counselling service offering support for Australian men anywhere, anytime.

Thanks again for sharing here. We’re sure you’ll hear from some other community members soon. We hope you can be as kind to yourself during this difficult time as you have been in opening up and sharing with the community here, today.

Kind regards, 

Sophie M

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Hi 1peace, thank you for sharing your post. It is not something that can be easy to do. It sounds like you have alot on your mind, and I am sorry you are going through this. How did your first counselling session go? Do you think further sessions will be useful for you? All the best -Ash

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Thank you for the kind words and suggestions. It is appreciated. I will follow up with those contacts.

First session was mostly giving info on the situation and how I feel. I do have additional sessions booked and feel like it will be beneficial.