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Numbness in my heart...

Community Member

My bf of 9 left me for my distrust and jealousy and blocked me everywhere he could. I treated him terribly with distrust and now he is haunting me everywhere. I feel deeply sad and lost and have less hope ever to forget him.

 Is there any group I can join to talk to people with similar issues? please HELP

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Linda

sorry to hear about your issues with trust.  I too have had trust issues in one way or another for most of my life - with relationships, work related, etc.  I know how terrible it makes us feel - but there is a sense of helplessness, it's just there.  Although I have never sought help for this, no doubt I probably should have.

The only organisation I can think of at the moment that can deal with these issues for couples or individuals, is Relationships Australia.  Go to their web site and see you think that they are right for you.  Others might be able to offer alternative suggestions.

If you like, let me know how you go.

take care


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Linda, when we lose a partner or spouse after a few years it's a soul destroying time, and we can never prepare for this if it does happen, because any medication won't stop those memories whether they are good or bad, and it also happens after a long marriage or relationship.

I would ring the BB line or web chat on the phone numbers above and they could direct you to various places.

Another place to go is your local Community Health Centre which offer many different services.

What concerns me is what you have said ' my distrust and jealousy and blocked me everywhere he could', and from this it indicates a great deal that has happened in your relationship, which disturbs me a lot, so if you want to get back to us we maybe able to help you along the way. L Geoff. x