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My partner's depression / anxiety is sending me crazy

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Hello , My husband has been diagnosed with D & A and is on medication. I believe it is more than this and is getting worse but the tests ( a five minute chat or a handshake ) say he is ok. I live and see it everyday and nobody apart from family believe me so I doubt myself , dislike my thoughts and how I am becoming reactive and wonder why I need so much for someone professional to validate that something is wrong. My hubbby recognises that something is amiss and is disillusioned with treatment so far . Our GP just says it's age related but I disagree and we have changed Drs once so far. They need to spend a day in our house to see what really happens. I am just resigned now to accept it and await the day when it is undeniable anymore or something bad happens as he forgets things and much of his logic is gone so an accident of some kind is on the cards. We don't have a life anymore but just exist. Thanks for listening to my rant .
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Valued Contributor
Hello Muddilyn, you sound very sad and worried in your post, but also resigned as to how your life is right now. From what you're saying, I take it you're worried that your husband might have some early signs of dementia, and it's not being picked up? It's my understanding that this can be very easy to be diagnosed in the early stages as symptoms can often be mistaken for 'just aging'. I would stick to your guns and see if you can find a doctor who will listen, perhaps one who is more experienced with older patients and specialises in this area. As you say, you're in the house all day and live with him so have a better idea of what's happening. Perhaps keep a diary of things, that might help you to be taken seriously by the next doctor you see. Trust your instincts, Muddilyn, you are the person closest to him, and your worries should be listened to properly.