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My parents argue and my mum blames me for their arguement. They seem like they are going to go through a divorce and I am very anxious.

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What is the best thing to do?
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Champion Alumni

Hi ElrctroAsh,

Wellcome to our forums.

Im sorry your parents argue.

Its the choice of your parents to argue they can always choose how to react to certain things………

Im sorry your mum blames you for their arguments this must be hard to deal with…. You shouldn’t be blamed it’s their choice.

Im sorry you are anxious I understand anxiety can be hard to deal with.

Try to slow down your breathing and take long slow deep breaths.

Please know you can chat to us anytime on this forum we are all a very caring community.

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Champion Alumni

Hello ElectroAsh, I'm sorry this is happening but if they are unfortunately, going through a divorce, then at the moment your loyalty is with your dad.

If down the track you want to build your relationship with your mum this can be done, if you feel this is the issue.

Take care.


On The Road
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Parents arguing and blaming their kids for their fallout? Similar plots have been going on for decades, you can even find this on a 60s movie....

Sorry you have to go through this, ElectroAsh. I don't know how old you are or how you took this. I remember when similar things happened to me when I was a teenager, I took it personally. I felt ashamed, angry and just wish this never happened but it had kept haunting me for quite a while.

There's a possibility that what your mum said was just some angry words that she needed to vent out (but not on you). I understand It is hurtful but it would be good for you not to take angry words personally. and you may need time for yourself as they seem to be breaking up, you may need to distract yourself with some things you like to do as you are stressful at the moment, or you can talk to anyone surrounding you that you trust with, about your concerns. Either way, I hope you don't stress too much on yourself as it is never your fault.

Take care