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My online best friend told me that she needs to disconnect for a bit. What should I do?

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My online best friend told me that she needs to stay off social media for a while to cope with things in her personal life and social media is becoming too much. She told me it's not me and I haven't done anything wrong, but as someone who suffers from social anxiety I can't help but feel like it's me and I have pushed her away. What should I do? I want to give her space but also don't want to loose her. Should I message her again in 2 weeks or so? I'm incredibly close to her, it's a legit friendship and we have been talking for 2 years. I just feel worried and honestly a little hurt.
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Champion Alumni

Hi sarah5505,

It can be so hard to feel this way. I can definitely relate. I've had situations where I have thought that it's me and I take it personally. However, from the other perspective this friend could feel as though she trusts you and feel secure enough with you that taking a break from social media and online won't affect the friendship. If you think in that perspective how does that make you feel?

Personally if you want to reach out I think that 2 weeks would be sufficient, you may find that she may message you in the meantime.

I'm here for you

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Community Champion

Welcome to the thread and well done for writing your first post.

Any friendship is difficult at times but online relationships can be complicated.

Do you Omni I ate by typing or do you chat and see each other. I suppose it foes not matter.

People often need a break from social media. so I would believe her.

It’s not you, she needs a break.
I would give her space and time .

I wonder if you have friends online or in real life who you can chat to.?

It may be hard at first but remember this is what your friend wants.

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Hi sarah5505, welcome.

I don't think you've done anything wrong, she may just have a lot going on in her life and doesn't want to talk to anyone, that's common. That's nice of you to care about her though. Maybe try checking in on her after a week or 2?

- Tayla

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey Sarah - i'm sure you didn't do anything.
I myself have taken breaks like that from social media

I think that she might need her space and maybe to leave it to her to check in when she is ready.
Otherwise you might contact her which may cause her more stress.
I have felt this way very often. I think though sometimes you can't force a friendship if someone needs that space. Let her have the space.
I have friends who need space a lot and it hurts me at times but when they are there when I need them I know and can feel that they do love and care, it's just their way of going under.
Sometimes they are in deep depression and can't really reply but it's not personal. Social media breaks are common.
I'd just let her know you'd be thinking of her and there for her when she is ready to reconnect and that you hope the break helps her. ANd that you care about her and are there for here however she needs, including giving her space.

I don't think u'll lose her, but if that does happen it won't be at all because of something you did and didn't do. Sometimes friendships go through ebbs and flows, times when you talk more and times when u talk less. Maybe you can use this time to work on some self care to be a best friend to urself as well - youare definteily worth it!

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Champion Alumni

Hi Sarah,

I wanted to check in to see how you were going!

Here for you!