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my now ex suffering with Depression

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me(m24) and gf(21) where dating for nearly 4 years and it was going good in till she fell in a dark place in her life i know she as been there before but that was before i met her the last 3 months have been so hard i didn't know how to help so i looked and looked on this forum to see if any one else was in my shoes and i did some studies to see and to understand where she is so i gave her some space but it wasn't enough and try to tell her that we are in this together and we can beat this just be their for her and make sure she knows i love her and i am here and i am supportive

lastnight she broke up with me saying she needs to find herself but i don't understand how and why i cant be there to help in her recovery she never wanted to see someone because i think she felt threatened or a sense of shame i would always keep telling her its not a weakness to speak up and if anything it proves you are stronger

we didn't fall out of love just she just needs her time what do i do ?

do i sit back and wait ? or move on ?

this girl meant so much to me like she is my whole world i don't see myself with anyone else some of my mates say you just gotta leave her and forget and move on but i just don't see myself doing that when it got bad 3 months ago some ppl told me to run before it eats me as well but i just couldn't see her suffer by herself i'm not that kind of person but now she is dealing with this horrible illness by herself and i feel so bad like what else could have i done 😞 should still try to tell her i love her ? or be their for her ? because now i need help and i am speaking up iam sad and lost i need her back in my life what can i do ?

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You can’t do much. They need to want to fix themselves. I understand where you are coming from as I was in a similar situation recently. I developed anxiety and depression from it myself. Best thing is to listen to what she is telling you, continue to give her space and let her know you are there for her, as a friend. A lot of people can’t cope being in a relationship when they are battling this disease. It can become one sided and resentment can start to happen. Just be there for her, I am sure that when she comes out the other end, she’ll appreciate the support you gave her.

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okay well we just had a good phone call and we are on the same page so i am praying for good things to come i will just keep supporting her as a best friend can thank you