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High School Sucks

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I’m in year 9, last term I had a big group of friends, we were all close. Them one of them started hanging out with boys and different friend groups. We all joked about it saying she wants a boyfriend. We ALL jocked about it. Them one of my friends started to believe that I made this confessions account. I didn’t. And there was a post about fake friends. They thought it was me. And we got into a fight. I said some things I shouldn’t have but so did they. Then they stopped talking to me. I have 1 friend now and the others don’t talk to me and make me feel like crap. I hate school and I never want to go back. I just need advice on how to handle this.
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Welcome to the forum . This is a caring, supportive and friendly place.

I am sorry you feel high schools sucks. Adults often talk about high school as being the best years of their life but if they were really honest they would remember the awful times too.

I understand you feel let down by your friends when you were only joining in the fun.

I am glad you have one friend and I assume she is very supportive.

Last term you loved school and enjoyed going there. It is still the same school . It is difficult when people who were your friends make you feel so bad. You are a kind and thoughtful person and this trouble is not about you. The students who make others upset are having a bad time themselves. That is not an excuse but may help you understand.

These are just some of my thoughts.

How do you think you could feel better about what happened ?

Thanks again for sharing your story.


Thank you,

i still go to the same school. And I don’t know how I can feel better. I feel really upset. But I’m not mad. I’m thinking of moving schools. I’m not sure yet. But last term I loved school I was having so much fun with my friends. But then this happens and now I’m really irritable and I get sad really easy. We got into a fight and we all said some nasty things. And they were mad at me. But I didn’t hear about this until a few weeks ago.


thanks for your reply.

Is there anyway you could talk our fiends and sort things. it is hard when you with your friends . things change and you could change schools and still be happpy.