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My mum’s Schizophrenia has triggered my anxiety

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I’m 27 and mum has had schizophrenia since before I was born. She has been financially looked after and had her behaviour enabled by her mother her entire life, until now. Her untreated behaviour has alienated everyone in her family, but me (including me at times, but she’s my mum), her only child.

It has been a really rough year for both of us. It started in January when we both went to my grandads funeral. My mum was my nanas carerer and my nana and grandad were separated for more than 20 years, but she wanted to go to the funeral, so we all flew there. Nana decided to stay with other family in what was now her house (even though they were separated, the never divorced). Mum was now alone. She flew back and forth to get nana to move back, partly so she could keep her Carers payment from the government, but she refused, then a family member told Centrelink that nana was no longer living with her, so she lost her income. This is the moment I got her to see a psychiatrist for the first time. Unfortunately the psychiatrist couldn’t pay his rent and closed his practice, so she’s no longer able to see him. She can’t afford to pay for a psychiatrist so she has to wait on a list to see a bulk billing one in February. She’s not doing well, she has little money, the family is having to pay for her rent, because she can’t get work due to her mental state; she wants to move in with her mum, but the family won’t let her, she is very lonely. 10 years ago I had very bad anxiety, that I overcame, this whole year has completely triggered it again, I just don’t know what to do, I feel backed into a corner, wishing someone would reach out and save me from drowning in problems. Her expenses are so high and her medication isn’t really working, no one will see her and I’m the only person she can lean on. Her delusions are usually about God and being one of his elect, usually it’s she doesn’t have to take action to fix a problem because God told her the world is ending soon so there’s no point. Due to this problems, especially financial ones, get out of control. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance my own life while dealing with a mum who has schizophrenia. Does anyone have any advice for coping?

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Hello Kittykibble

I really feel what you are going through as schizophrenia is an illness my older brother had. I understand the pain you are/have been going through especially with you experiencing anxiety as well

Your health and well being is paramount Kittykibble. If you could elaborate on your mums treatment we can help you more effectively if thats okay

Just a note on this vile illness (schizophrenia) ....The delusions are part of the illness as you know and of course the medication requires regular follow up and support to ensure quality of life

How long has it been from diagnosis until this stage of your mums illness? Please excuse me for the questions. Can I also ask if you have sought any counsel from your GP? (most GP's have better training where anxiety is concerned now compared to even 20 years ago)

You are not alone here Kitty...I really hope you can post back when its convenient for you as there are many issues that you have to deal with from what you have posted

my kind thoughts for you