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My husband has walked out

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Hi ,

my husband of ten years and 3 girls has walked out . Is consistently tells me I’m fat ugly and a shit mum !!!! He has ODD oppositional defiant disorder , ADHD and it’s always someone else’s fault ... I love him but I’m tired of the pain and hurt ... he has taken one of the girls away for the night and I’m sad and lost ... I need all my chickens I’m the one nest - so Ro speak ...

he is a great father but can be at times ( not all the time a terrible husband ...

not sure what to do from here I don’t want to give up on our family ... I do still love him - I must be very forgiving haha

evbeeyone says take one day at a time ... but how am I going to work full time ( he yelled at me for 1 year till I got a full time job and in his words gave up being a Mum ) now I do work full time and I’m not sure how I’m going to be a single Mum and work long hours ....

im very sad not even angry yet ... I feel like a failure to my girls and myself

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Community Champion
Community Champion


You have been going through a lot of pain and coping with a difficult situation,

i want to welcome you to the forum and thank you for taking the first step in sharing your story. This is a caring and supportive place.

Working full time with 3 children is 2 full time jobs. On top of that you have your husband’s disorders, so you may feel overwhelmed at times,

Have you thought of going to a counsellor together and talking about your situation..

You are doing a great job as a mum. It is understandable you would feel sad and angry,

Do you have anyone you can talk to.?

beyond blue has a support line you can call 1300 22 4636 THat offers support advice action.

Sometimes talking to a trained professional can help you sort out your thoughts.

You may like to look at some of the threads in the relationships and family issues.

Feel free to post when you like. You are not alone as there will be people reading your post who can relate to you.