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My dad is dying

Community Member

And I'm in a different country. I have a toddler, and I'm on a casual contract for work so I have no paid leave. I can't afford to miss weeks of work and weeks of pay.

It's upsetting that it feels like it comes down to money.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello MM Jack, my thoughts are with you and feel the sorrow for the situation you are in as it's not a position anyone would want to be in.

I'm definitely so sorry to hear about your father's condition and it certainly puts you in a very difficult situation, perhaps if I can make a couple of suggestions, and please these are only to try and help you in any way possible.

Are you able to contact him via skype, zoom or duo and these are the only ways that are free to talk and view each other, so I'm not promoting anything that requires any money at all and can be done via computer or mobile phone.

Compassionate and bereavement leave is a possibility, and you may be able to get a credit card to pay for the trip, I know it puts you in a difficult situation as you still have bills to pay, but try and contact him through family/friends via one of these media contacts, at least you can talk with him, I'm sure he will understand what position you're in.

If I was the father in your position I would certainly understand how difficult it may be to travel o/s to visit me, and I mean no harm in saying this.

I hope this may help you, but very sorry for you to be in this position.

My best.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi MM Jack,

I'm so sorry to hear that you have been going through this.

I really wish I knew what to say to comfort you but I wanted to respond to your thread nevertheless to show support.

We are here for you

Hi MM Jack

I'm sorry, I join with others here hoping you'll be ok.


You might not be with him

And you couldn't have gone

But just like his slippers by his bed

He will never be alone

For he'll remember you as a child

He'll be well aware

In his shadow in the garden

For the day to care

His will always be inside you

Wear him like a medal proud

Tell the world of his love

And tell everyone out loud

Just like his slippers beside his bed

You'll never be out done

You'll always be in his shadow

You'll always be as one...


Thank you, this is beautiful

That is beautiful TonyWK

We are here for you MM Jack