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My Children are addicted to IPad /iPhone

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i just wonder if anyone has the frustration with their kids using iPad/ iPhone etc. I have two young children (aged 6 and 9), it appears nothing wrong with them, school doing perfectly and excellent behaviours. However I am annoyed with them addicting to iPad from time to time. It seems that every single minute when they are free, they can’t sit still but take the ipad and start watching YouTube, computer game, movies etc. everything I see, I stop them but it’s very annoying for me to do this. They hate me of course. I tried to hide the iPad somewhere but it won’t work. They will try to find them out anyway and play again.

My key concern is that iPad affects their eyes (vision problems)

so the vicious cycle goes on and on etc. I am seeking some advice / recommendations if anyone hasan idea how to control their children when it comes to iPhone iPad etc!?

thank you.

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Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Sop

The "screen time" issue with children seems to be quite prevalent. I heard it being discussed on radio as a constant battle. You are definitely not alone on this one.

One mother said she had bought a safe and locks the phones and ipad up, as it's the only way to force the kids to take a break!

Good luck

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Sop,

A tale of 2 families... my kids were born before those devices were around/popular so was not so much of an issue. They played with other kids on the street. My nephews however are slightly younger than your children. And probably similar to yours wrt to access to screens. Here is the kicker... when they are looked after by their grandmother, they are not on their devices so much but this is because in the morning she will engage with them and that was the only she could make it work. By playing games, cooking etc.

So you might say that you don't have time for that? And you would probably be correct. So some strategies are needed. Perhaps one day/night have family free tech time, and do something together?

Now I will speak for myself/family here in asking this question, but what parents like with devices? When we get home, are we checking emails, reading facebook, get messages from others and responding. Its different? But it is still screen time.

FWIW... I am no better than you... My kids are teens and spend 1/2 their time at home on their phones. But they are also spending about 16 hours a week swimming outside of school time. So while I might read a book, my son is watching sport on his phone. Years ago we watched TV?


Community Champion
Community Champion


I think things have changed. look at any bus stop and you are lucky to find one person who is not looking at their phone, the. On the bus journey nearly everyone is on their phone or iPad. I have watched parents give a child as young as 12 months been given an iPhone to make them quiet.

i know where parents have sat down and discussed with their children what is the amount of screen time they can both agree on. this way it is something the children have a part in deciding.

Also screen time is seen as a privilege that has to be earnt. So various tasks are decided on and the amount of screen time they earn. there is a limit agreed to.

I Think doing things as a family like an old fashioned games night, or walks, or doing a jigsaw together.

Also some parents have rules of no screen time after a certain time.

it is difficult but when I was growing up parents complained we were watching too much TV and in my parents day my grandparents complained they listen to too much radio ,

So the gadget changes but it is an old problem that families must make some rules for.


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Blue Voices Member

Hi sop,

Thanks for your post.

There's been some great support and advice so far but I thought I'd add a few resources to see if any appeal to you.

It sounds like the biggest worry is that they're spending so much time on it, so it might help to set some limits. It could be 1 hour - 2? Or maybe 1 hour during the week and 2 on the weekend? Whatever it is, it's up to you - but enforce it. If they don't abide by them then there could be consequences. Rather than hiding the iPad, you could potentially use parental locks and passwords or if they go over on one day they have less time the following day for example.

There are some other articles that might be helpful here -


Or creating your own 'media policy' so everyone knows what's okay and what's not okay -


Hopefully this is helpful,

Hi everyone ,

Thank you for your time to reply me. I already feel better after reading some insights and positive suggestions. I will start by assigning a parental lock and password onto iPad. I need to get someone who’s good at technical PC stuffs to help install it. Also I was thinking to remove the download app and restrict the internet access at the same time. You are right. I need to set up some rules to abibe by!

i agree that things have changed these days. Nobody is iPad idiot! Everywhere you see people carrying their phones - they can’t live without it now ! I confess that I also spend some ‘screen time’ myself at home! This apparently has an impact in the kids so I will try to reduce that screen time and instead spend more time with the kids doing something together with them!

this is something I have to adjust myself as well. To be honest it’s not easy at all! 😞

i totally agree in saying in the grandmom days, they were complained about listening too much radio! in my time I was complained about watching too much TV! Now their turn too much screen time! Endless pain different generations! What’s 10 yes later !!!!??

Community Champion
Community Champion


thanks for your reply.

I am glad you have a definite plan you want to implement.

Sometimes parents just do onw thing at a time while others have a complete change but I think sitting down and talking with your children before hand so they feel they are part of the change and they are being listened to.

It will be interesting how you go with your changes so feel free to post and let us know how you are going.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Sop,

Great to hear back from you! I'm so glad this was helpful.

It sounds like you're getting a plan in place so looking forward to hear how it goes!

Just a couple of extra resources though

1. Here is one about how to set up a password if you are having trouble finding someone to help you out (It's not a government website but lots of pictures) -


2. Also another link about other parental controls you can think about for either browsing the internet or gaming. - https://www.esafety.gov.au/education-resources/iparent/online-safeguards/parental-controls

I do hear you about too much screen time! This is something I've been working on a lot - it's interesting to me how automatic it can become but it does get easier over time.

Hello Quirky and romantic,

i am really grateful to find some workable options here. So thank you for your suggestions and comments. Romantic you are such an insightful person - the links are very helpful I am trying to read through the steps. thank you again! 🙂

I have finally sat down and discussed with the children about the issue of spending too much time in those devices. The rule is to allow 30mins each day. It doesn’t matter what time they use iPad - it’s the daily limit they can have. I agree that children deserve to be listened and they should get involved. I tried to highlight the issue I have and want to honestly talk about it. Rather than me being a tiger mum all the time.

I believe at the beginning (perhaps the first wk) they will adhere to the rule as agreed. After a month, I doubt they still remember what it’s 😞 will see

i too try not to watch my iPhone while at home. I guess I need to set up an example to enforce it. Not too easy .... I guess I have to try

hope you have a great weekend