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My 8 year old suffering anxiety/ sleep problems

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Hi All,

Was just wondering if there are others out there who have children with anxiety and sleep problems and wanting any ideas or resources that might help.

We are on a waiting list to see a child psychologist but will be a 3 month wait. As a full time single parent with very limited support I am finding it difficult to try and support and guide them through these issuse on my own. We are both just so tired.


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Tagging just now... But will mention relax melodies.

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Hi sister moon,

Given the length of time between now and when you get to see a child psychologist...

I mentioned relax melodies in my previous post more as a reminder for myself as there are a number of apps you can use. This was an app my psych recommended to me when I first saw her. My daughter has one of those things that expel a lavender scent in the air. The nice thing about an app and sounds are they can take my mind away from all the self talk. It might work so worth giving it a shot? It does not help if his/her mind is running around with distracting or negative thoughts.

My psychiatrist also told me about sleep hygiene. If you throw that into Google you will get a bunch of pages that might be worth looking at.

I cannot imagine how you would be coping as I know from my own experience how important sleep is so the fact that your child is tired also would be frustrating.

Soothing music might help. And that could also be an audiobook?

Hope some of the above is helpful.


Hi Sistermoon

I'm sorry to hear about your son's anxiety and sleep issues. My son had the same challenges as a young child and like you I took him to see a child psychologist.

I am not a doctor but I also did speak to my pharmacist and GP. Through this process I found Horlix. It's a powdered drink mix you can but at the supermarket. You mix it with warm milk and it's like a warm malted milkshake.

This worked very well and I still stock it the pantry today (my boy is 23 now!).

I would also suggest no screens at least a half hour before bed. Reading and massage before bed are also helpful.

I wish you good luck. Kind thoughts to you and your son

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Thankyou so much Summer Rose and Smallwolf,

Horlix is worth a try I will give it a go.

I play "relaxations for kids sleep" for my daughter to listen to while she is in bed. It did seem to work some in the beginning but not anymore. The tracks are rather short though and I was thinking that maybe something longer might be better.

Yes its very tricky. She is still awake now. We have had several long chats about her fears. read stories, I have lied down beside her and cuddled while listening to relaxations....... No luck. I had to leave her as nothing is working and me being there doesn't seem to help... I am starting to feel cross because I am just so tired.... I know she isn't doing it on purpose and I have anxiety myself so should be more empathetic...... BUT to be honest I just want her to GO TO SLEEP and leave me alone....

Hi Sistermoon

I know it's hard for you. Believe me I used to feel the same way. Sleep is vital for both of you. You are doing all you can for your daughter and I'm really hopeful. Hang in there.

Apologies, but I spelled the name of the drink wrong; it's Horlicks. And I forgot to mention another little helper, a wheat bag.

My son also used to complain of stomache aches, so I would provide a warm wheat bag. He mostly cuddled it but I think it helped.

You're a good mum. Be sure to look after yourself too.

Sister moon, I like your name,

I think it is hard to show empathy when you are tired and anxious and have been spending hours trying to get your child to sleep.

You are doing a great job and trying different things to help your daughter.

I wonder if she has trouble going to sleep but once asleep she sleeps through the night or she has trouble getting to sleep and also staying asleep?


Thanks Quirky words,

Great name!

She tends to mostly stay asleep after she's asleep. Thank goodness! Sometimes wakes with nightmares but not too often. Often very hard to get her up in the morning for school. We are often late at the moment. She is also very grumpy lots to the time and her behaviour at home very tricky, though at this point i think it's okay at school.

Thanks for your kind words also Summer rose. Hard when I 'm doing it all on my own to focus on the "good" things I am doing and not just feel like a terrible parent when I am struggling.

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Just discovered this this morning.

Online programs for anxious kids/teens.

Different programs for different ages.

Signed my daughter up for the 8-12 year kids program and myself up for the parents of 8-12 year olds. We have both started it is rather interactive and my daughter seemed to like it.

Here is the info if anyone is interested

The BRAVE Program


thanks so much sister moon for that resource.

i know wonder if there is o e for adu,ts like me who can get to sleep but can not get back to sleep quickly and is permanently tired. I will try again if I am find something online to help me.