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MOVING ON ...how to

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when and how can we stop worrying about our children, I am sad that one of ours is unable to move on from a stressful situation..

, I know that she was unfairly criticized, but move on, I am tired now of the constant emails , you have to get an apology for me, I need it

I feel sad for her , I am angry it happened, I approached that person, but heh, no resolutuion, lets move on... for our own sakes

I had to in the past with tears


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Community Champion

Hi Mark, welcome

I am finding your post a little confusing and lacking in detail however...

They say "you are a parent forever". Some people cant move on. Thats one reason psychologists exist.

You can google this thread I wrote

Topic: worry worry worry- beyondblue



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hi Mar.k, I don't think any parent ever stops worrying about their own children, and to mention any examples would be too long to fit onto the thread.
Depending on the severity of the situation will depend on how long it stays around, but she has to be able to block any emails, phone calls or letters being delivered, although the latter maybe a bit difficult unless she can detect the handwriting, but the the first two would be easy to do.
If this can be done as we have been able to do it ourselves, but we had to learn this same lesson ourselves, and in time without any contact then she will be able to move on. Geoff.