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Moving away from the coast has made me really sad

Community Member

I moved with my hubby and son to a regional towwn 5 hours from the coast in June 2017

It was for my work and it is cheaper here

HoweverI am missing the coast and ocean so very much and as time goes on it is getting worse

Hubby doesnt understand and I cant talk to him

I want to be back by the beach so much it hurts like the end of a relationship

I have always been by the coast my whole life and feel like I have made a major mistake

I have been recently but it made it all the worse

How can I get over it? Even if I try to talk myself that we can leave someday later how can I make it ok now

It is making me feel really depressed

Please help

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Community Member

Hi Old Kitten and welcome to the BB forums,

I don’t really have any suggestions, but wanted to say Hi 🙂

Is your regional town near some nice natural landscape at all? Or is it more a farming/rural area? Did you have recreational activities that were focussed on water - eg., kayaking/swimming etc? I wondered whether some new activities - depending upon what’s around might help.

Could you please write back and give some more info? Cheers M 🙂