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Mi wife left me to go with his lover

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After 14 years of marriage she cheated on me. I gave up my country, my career, my family, my life for her. She wanted to come back to live to Australia. I am now left with my 3 children. She said she is in love with someone else and still love me but the desire for being with the other guy is stronger than her desire to stay with me and the kids. She said she loves the kids, although I am not sure because she always regretted having them, she loves them but doesn't have a connection with them. First time she left she didn't even wanna be with the kids. She call me and she felt guilty and wanted to come back, I let her back but she just last two months and she is left again.
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hello Chulito, I imagine you're feeling devastated right now. From your post it sounds like this has happened before, is that right? It must be confusing and upsetting not knowing if she will be around to be a mother to the children, and confusing for you to be told she loves you but wants to be with someone else. How are the children coping? Do you have any other friends around you can call on for support? Please post back and let us know how we can support you on here. You sound shocked and this forum can be a good place to talk through those feelings while you work out what you want to do next.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Chulito, please let me welcome you to the forums.

You have lost something you had loved so much, a person you once trusted and raised three children with, although the circumstances may have been difficult, only for her to leave you and decide not to return but stay away, that's a sad situation, and it's certainly not easy to have to cope with, I'm sorry and feel the pain you are suffering from.

My wife had left me a couple of times, but it wasn't to be with anyone except her mother and she took the kids, but what's happened to you is much more serious as my wife returned.

Have you been able to visit your doctor as well as your kids may need to talk with someone and depending on their age Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800.

I'm sorry that there maybe challenges which may push you and your child to your limits so please we would like to hear back from.