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Lost my job and possibly my husband days apart

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I am absolutely destroyed at the moment, we found out on Tuesday that our entire department australia wide is being shut down in the next few weeks depending on leases and now last night my husband who works away messaged me to tell me he doesnt think he wants to come home as he feels unloved and unwanted.

I am numb, i feel physically sick and want to curl up and die but I am at work taking all the overtime i can as i have not got another job lined up.

I dont know what to do i cant force him to stay and i cant force my self to pay him attention etc when i am physically exhausted and teetering on the edge as it is - hence the no sex or attention in the first place

he has threatened to leave before but i think it is real this time, things have been tough for awhile

I am worried about my mental state, and i have 2 kids at home that rely on me for everything...

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi p&p, welcome

I hope things work out.

For what its worth some unusual situations that turn your life upside down sometimes need radical remedies. These moves take courage and mind projection to protect your family. Rather than waiting for the ceiling of life to fall...reassess your situation with the intention of some plans.

Survival mode with hubby demands that you ecpress you love for him and explain the situation with exhaustion. To prove you are serious ask him to accompany you to a counselor. Relationships Australia can help you.

google this

Topic: be radical- beyondblue

Tony WK