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Looking for others experiences talking to loved ones about your mental health?

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Hi guys,

I've been a part of these forums for a few days now, but I feel already its making a huge difference in my management and recovery of severe depression, stress and anxiety.

Without rambling or going in depth of my own issues which isn't my aim of this thread I guess, I was wondering what opinions, advice, and/or experience all of you have had in regards to talking to friends, family, and loved ones about your mental health?

For me, even though I have suffered from depression about 6 months now, it has been very slow and gradual, however becoming quite severe and debilitating since around Xmas and new years of 2020/2021, lots of feelings of hopelessness, lots of sadness, lots of tears, no suicidal thoughts thankfully, but just a general lack of desire and passion to live life.

My parents, 2 close friends, and wonderful girlfriend of 6 months are really the only people who have known about it, though since last week I am trying to get as much help and support as I can from others, with my counselling finally resuming next week, and enrolling myself in a online mental health well being program that is set to start this week hopefully.

One of my recent major concerns is with my girlfriend, I have the closest relationship with her than anyone else, and trust her the most, therefore I share a lot of my troubles with her, which I am so worried about, as I don't want it to be pulling her down or worsening her mood, as I have already seen it happen twice the past 2 weeks, when I was dealing with very severe anxiety and depression and breaking down quite a lot, it did affect her wellbeing seeing me like that

As a result of this, as much as I'd love her support, I think I'm better off not telling her so much and instead talking to my counsellor and the forums here, as much as It pains me to do so...she is the most wonderful girl and is so supportive and mentally strong, but I can see it is affecting her talking about and trying to help with my issues...

Have other people been in similar situations here? I have tried looking for other threads with this sort of topic, but came up with nothing, would love to hear from you guys 😊
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Feeling a bit better today, but still struggling for motivation to function....I've taken time off work indefinitely, but am still thinking to get back to working, for health, financial , and anti boredom reasons... woken up today at 7am, but still in bed at 11am, just watching and hoping for the hours to pass by, just trying everyday to make it to 8pm so I can go to bed again, and sleep away another day.

I really just want to be with my partner, despite our minor issues which seem to be coming up more and more, i just want to be with her and I feel like nothing else in life really matters anymore..she is loving and mostly understanding, but I know I probably drive her insane by my excessive attachment to her..

Just even the thought of looking for jobs stresses me out and triggers my anxiety and depression...I've had a lot of bad experiences in the industry I've worked in for almost 10 years now, really wanting to shift into a different career, but the fact that its somewhat unknown is terrifying...but staying in the same industry is killing me, mentally, emotionally, and physically..I can't do jobs like that anymore...

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As I wrote my last post, I was realising, that even though I am saying "I feel a bit better", I have to realise I am still feeling anxious and depressed, and that this is still affecting me, and I still need to keep reaching out, and still keep trying to get support...

I think "I feel better" compared to yesterday I guess, where I was emotionally a wreck, verging on tears all day, and being in tears a few times in the afternoon, however it has been much worse several weeks ago...there were several consecutive days where I felt completely miserable every second of the day, and simply couldn't even smile or enjoy any part of my day or my life.
I think I am lucky that I haven't had days that bad for a few weeks now, and that I am not as bad, but I am still struggling....still not sure what to do as I'm still taking this day by day....

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Hey Jack, sorry for my late replies. I was up early to do something then went back to sleep lol.

Yep I've seen Yahoo answers on Google when I look some stuff up and as you said, yikes, lol.

Yeah I get what you mean, and you're not rambling, all good.

Sorry you've been feeling this way, we're here for you.

Mocha - I'm sorry you've experienced that, it happens to me all the time too so I understand.

All good mb 😊😊 I know what that's like haha..but yeah super fast replies from me atm cause this helps me a lot, and also because I have been off work indefinitely...when I get back to work I'll probably be forever late at replying, but at the same time maybe not..to early to tell πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚

But yeah not late replies from you at all 😊😊😊

Ooohhh yeah there's some nasty ones out there haha

Thanks 😊

Thanks that means a lot..I seem to be on a bit of a rollercoaster the past few days, so your support and everyone here, it means a lot 😊

How have you been coping with your mental health the past few days/weeks? I hope all is well...well as "well"as it can be..if that makes any sense....

Hey Jack.

I'm glad this forum helps you, it's helped me a bit too. Good luck with work, I'm glad I can help you. You help me too, so thank you.

Eh I struggle a lot, but I try to keep it to myself & hide it I guess. How about you?

Hii mb 😊

Thats great to hear its helped you too a bit 😊 thank you so much, you help me a lot 😊 Im glad to hear Ive helped you too, youre welcome anytime 😊

Damn that sucks.... just curious but is there a reason for that? I used to be similar to you I guess, but as Ive posted before, my depression and anxiety got so severe and debilitating that I knew I had to take drastic action...my options were either reach out and get as much support and help as I could, or do nothing and get worse, and probably start trying out anti depression medication as my last option..not that there's anything wrong with it necessarily, but I'd much rather not use medication unless I really have to...just my preference..

But yeah that's just me of course, I totally understand where you're coming from, "wanting to keep it to yourself' is something I've done myself for years and years and years, but it was never the severe anxiety and depression that I am suffeing from now...

Anyway I hope when the time is right for you if it feels right, you can find someone to reach out to and get support from 😊 I'm always here, and more importantly the whole community is always here too 😊😊

Thank you.

I have my reasons, I can't get a Psychologist. I'm already on meds.

Always here for you too.

You're most welcome 😊

Ah I see, that's understandable then , ah darn, is that by choice or by another factor?
That's completely alright too, I hope they've helped you, how long have you been on them for if you don't mind me asking??

If you're not comfortable answering that's totally ok and understandable, I get it 😊😊
also I hope you don't misinterpret anything I am saying here or have said before as judgemental, totally totally not judgemental 😊 medication just isn't my preference in general, I pretty much avoid all optional medication where I can -e.g. pain killers, cold and flu tablets, allergy medication, etc ,etc...if it's something I can fix naturally, I'd rather do that...actual medicines like vaccines and antibiotics on the other hand I'll take with no worries, only if I need them haha

The Psychologists are by another factor - they don't bulk bill, take new patients, can't help me, ugh. Then I try some and they're awful.

I've been on meds since August 2019, had my Psychiatrist since September 2019.

And no you're not being judgemental it's okay. For me, I went on meds because that was pretty much the only option. I've had a few & different dosages since August 2019.

Ahhh I see...gotcha...I totally understand that, yeah, even when I was working, and money wasn't an issue, my psychologist costs me around $60 a session I think it was...(thats After the Medicare rebate on an mhcp) so yeah...it's kind of sad that Medicare covers so much, and people can get most operations and surgeries fully covered by it (well as far as I have been told) , yet as a country, we don't extend this over to mental health and people in need of counselling...it's a bit sad I guess...

Ah so a while but not too long in the grand scheme of things I guess 😊 I hope they are helping you though 😊

Cool cool I'm glad 😊 because if there's 2 things I really really hate, that affect my mental health a lot as well, it's discrimination, and judgemental people...been around both and they have done me much harm, so I never want to be one of those people either

I know what you mean there a little bit and I'm sorry to hear about it...I mean of course I don't know your exact circumstances, and I wouldn't ask because I know that is a very personal question, but to be honest, I think it was a few days before joining these forums, I was in that situation, just very very severely depressed and unable to function properly, in "crisis mode" pretty much...I was breaking down crying every moment I had alone, constantly feeling miserable every second of the day, and feeling physically sick and unwell...I felt like medication was the only option left if I didn't really try hard and give this the fight of my life to try and get better...and I was very lucky that I did get from that stage, back to a "manageable" state, and that is seriously because if getting help and support of people around me, and like I've said probably a hundred times over, from these forums, and just really kind and supportive people like yourself....as much as I ramble on and maybe don't always make perfect sense, I am so grateful for this community for existing, and for all the kind and wonderful members in it...god bless you all 😊😊