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Looking after family before yourself

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I don't even know myself anymore, life is hard and i have lost interest in trying anymore.. i feel so scared and worried about everything , that i don't live anymore i just take care of everyone. But i have got to a point were i feel everyone would be better off when im gone ..or everyone can manage without me.. now a new baby coming. 😭 so i will be needed again, to make life easy for someone else. So ib2illwhen do i just get to think about myself and what i need .. iv never been asked what i want or need
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Community Champion

and just to add my 2c worth... when you look after somebody else over time it can have an effect on you. My father has certain medical conditions and mental and is looked after by mum. Her GP always asks if she is OK, which is nice.

In my job I have chatted when people who look after parents and at their wits end - I am just a parish admin for what it is worth. Someone else before me alluded to setting boundaries. That can be tough at first and that guilty feeling - I have been there and to some extent still am.

My psych has even asked me on occasion... what happens if that does not get done? The only thing is to remember that you are doing the best you can and to only do what you can.