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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi. Lately I have been feeling incredibly lonely and the feelings that come along with it have made me feel really depressed. I have a lot of good in my life right now. A loving partner and a beautiful child. Study is going well and we are saving for a holiday. However I recently had to leave my best friend, and my only friend. She was distancing herself so much from me and her bad habits were starting to really hurt me. The relationship had become one sided so I decided to take a step back for a while for my own well-being. Since then I have felt increasingly lonely. I have tried to reconnect with old friends with no luck, and making new friends is proving to be really hard too. I am becoming so depressed that I am struggling to look after my 2 year old. My old best friend also had a young child that my child loved and there is guilt surrounding that too where I feel like I have let my daughter down. Ultimately I am mourning the loss of a friendship and am struggling so much with the loneliness. I so desperately want to make some new friends to meet up with for coffee and play dates, or have girls night outs.. I want a close friend that I can lean on when things get rough. I'm struggling and I don't know how to go about meeting/forming new friendships, and how to get over my old one. I'm just really lonely and it's hurting so much.

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Community Champion
Community Champion


Thank you for sharing your story that I am sure many can relate to.

Friends are very important to our health and especially a best friend. You decided that your realtionship with your best friend was starting to hurt you so you had to step back. This was your decision but of course it will take a while to get used to life without her.

I am assuming this stepping back from your best friend means cutting out all contact with her.

Friends can no just be replaced can they so the pain of loneliness seems so hard.

Are you in a aplay group where you can meet mums and babies.

It will take you a while to make new friends especially as you aregrieving and you may e comparing your new acquaintances to your old one. I am not sure if there are young families nearby who that you can be friends with. You won't instantly click with someone when you meet , well the chances of that is pretty remote.

Does your husband have friends with young children.

Do you like walking with your daughter and taking her to the park. I never drove so when my children were little I would meet so many people just walking around my suburb and at the park.

Also are there music groups or gym groups for toddlers nearby?

It will hurt for a while but as you said you have a loving partner and a lovely child. Do you all go out as a family?

It is going to be hard but you distanced yourself for a good reason .

Thanks again for being open about your story.


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Hi Love

I am feeling the same would love to be your new friend I live in Melbourne